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Fill out the form below to request another drawdown.

Please upload the following documents.  While you cannot upload more than one document per item, you can click 'Add another response' to provide up to 3 other documents for the related request.
Two most recent month’s bank statements of the accounts referenced on the Balance Sheet provided
Cashflow Forecast for next 6 months
Current Balance Sheet and Income Statement (YTD as of end of last month)
Previous Year’s Financials (P&L and Balance Sheet)
Please provide a screenshot from the Manage Direct Deposit section of your CRA My Business profile showing that the proceeds under the active RC Corporate Income Tax are being redirected to the repayment account (00010-0003-1371046).  Alberta and Quebec borrowers will need to provide the same screenshot from those province portals as well. 

If filed, please upload a copy of your T2/T661 if not, please provide in an excel format your SR&ED estimate sheet for the period in section four.  Your estimate should include a refundable amount calculation for Provincial and Federal final figures. 
Note: if the expenditure has not been paid in full, please do not include it in your calculations. 
In addition, your SR&ED spreadsheet should include these supporting details:
Employee’s full names & job titles
Number of years’ experience
Degrees (ex. MSc in Software Engineering)
Wages & percentage of time spent on SR&ED by project
Identify if any employees own 10% or more of the company
Contractor expenditures (include full business name)
Materials (if any) and a short description of their use
Government assistance received (grant/subsidy deductions)

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What’s new with your business? Please provide a short paragraph explaining any changes recently made or coming up in your business.  This includes officer changes, business entity changes, changes to major financial performance, significant capital raises, etc..
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